The Best TV Dinner Tables / Trays

If you like to eat your dinner in front of the TV, then you’re certainly not alone. But it’s not always an easy task to accomplish – especially if you’re having to put your plate on your lap. The perfect solution to this problem is to buy a TV dinner tray, which will allow you to eat in comfort while you watch the television.

With this in mind, we’ve discovered the best TV dinner trays around, and we’ll share our finds with you in this very good. So without any further delay, let’s take a closer look at the trays you can buy today.

# 1 – Winsome Wood TV Table Set

This quality TV dinner set is constructed from solid Beachwood, and the ease of use makes them very versatile for a range of tasks, including eating dinner while watching TV – or even using as a work surface.

This set comes with one storage rack, and four tables, which gives you great value for your money.

The dark walnut finish gives them a nice style that matches with most rooms, and the large size makes them very practical to use.

Overall, they receive great reviews, and boast a solid 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

# 2 – Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set

This 5 piece set colors in a ‘natural’ wood color, which gives it a pleasing appearance that blends in nicely in any room you choose thanks to the clean and simple look.

Again, this set is crafted from solid beechwood, so it’s fairly durable and should last you quite awhile, just as long as you look after them.

They also come with a top handle stand to make the task of moving the tables very easy.

While they aren’t the most durable tables you’ll ever find, they will last a long time with care, and are good for the price.

# 3 – Bombay Snack Table Set

This set from Bombay is more expensive than the previous options, but it represents a marked jump in production quality and materials used.

The sturdy hardwood tray tops are very durable, and they come burnished with an antique wood veneer to give them a classic, stylish appearance in combination with the ebony finished legs.

The superior quality of this set is also reflected in user reviews, with the set currently holding a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Amazon.

If you’re looking for something that can take the wear and tear of everyday use and still remain intact and looking good, then this is the ideal option.

# 4 – eHemco Oversized Folding TV Tray

This table is made of solid hardwood, so it certainly has a great deal of resilence to over the regular user.

It’s quick and easy to open and fold, making it easy to slip away into storage when you’re not using it.

The oversized nature of this tray make it excellent for storing additional items on top, as it gives you a full 24 inches of width to play with.

Overall, this table is well built, sturdy, and looks great in any room – the ideal choice if you need a tray that’s a little larger than the rest.


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