Stemless Martini Glasses

If you want something a little unique and different for serving drinks in your own home, then look no further than the stemless martini glass.

These elegant and distinctive glasses are interesting, yet fully functional glasses that can be used for a variety of occasions.

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of theses fantastic glasses, so let’s take a closer look.

# 1 – Libbey 4-Piece Cosmopolitan Cocktail / Martini Glasses

This set of four 8.25oz glasses make for the perfect gift at a wedding, housewarming, or a simple host gift.

They’re fully dishwasher safe, and made in USA, so you can be sure of their excellent quality.

In general, they feel very nice to use. They have a nice weight to them, and they’re not as heavy as you may expect, and they certainly don’t have a cheap / thin feel to them at all.

Finally, they’re very easy to clean, and thanks to the stemless design – there’s very little chance of breaking.

# 2 – Libbey 13-1/2-Ounce Stemless Martini Glasses (Box of 12)

This affordable set of 12 stemless martini glasses represent excellent value for money.

Again, they are very easy to clean and fully dishwasher safe – and crafted of quality glass that isn’t too thin.

The elegant design makes it a joy to drink from, and they certainly rival more expensive glasses.

# 3 – Libbey 8.25-Ounce Cosmopolitan Cocktail / Martini Glass (Set of 12)

Here’s yet another option from Libbey, which deliver the same quality at a reasonable price.

Especially when you consider that you receive 12 glasses (whereas you can easily pay the same price for just 3 or 4 glasses with other brands).

Overall, these are very reliable glasses, and they’re a great alternative to the traditional martini glass.

# 4 – Rona Slovakia Lead Free Crystal Martini Stemless Glass (Set of 4)

Here’s a set of 4 glasses that have a unique and interesting look, and they’re also pretty tall, measuring 3.25 inches tall, and capable of containing 400 ml each.

They are each crafted from lead-free glass, which gives you excellent clarity and consistency at a good price.

What’s more, they’re very comfortable to use due to the comfort offered by the stemless design.

# 5 – Libbey 70855S6 5.75 oz. Cool Cocktails Thrille Cone Shaped Martini Glass

These fantastic glasses are certainly very unique in their presentation.

They come in a set of 6 stemless glasses, along with 6 bowls – which the glasses rest in.

The cone shaped glasses sit nicely within the chiller bowl, which not only keeps the drink nice and cool, but makes for an excellent visual effect that’ll receive plenty of positive attention at any party.

The best part is that it helps to keep your drink cool without adding ice directly to the drink – which prevents the ice from ‘watering down’ your favorite beverage.

# 6 – RSVP Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel 8 Ounce Stemless Martini Glass

If stemless glasses still aren’t unique enough for you, then these stainless steel glasses may be just the thing you’re looking for.

These glasses are constructed with 18/8 stainless steel, complete with brushed exterior and polished interior for a classy finish.

For people who are worried about breaking glasses, these are the perfect option. Not only this, but they also help to keep your drink nice and cool – more so than traditional glass can.

The extra weight at the base also prevents them from tipping over very easily.

# 7 – Steady-Temp Martini Glasses (Set of 4)

This glasses come with a mouth-blown double-wall design which works to keep your drink at a steady temperature, perfectly insulated from the warming effects of the glass being held in your hand.

This is a great feature that you’ll really come to appreciate once you’ve tried it. However, you’ll have to be careful with these glasses, as the double wall nature means they can be quite fragile.


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