Left Handed Can Openers

The simple can opener is an often overlooked yet essential item to have in the kitchen. In fact, your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without one! But if you’re left handed, it can often be awkward to use a conventional can opener, so it can become a frustrating item to contend with if you’re a leftie.

Fortunately, help is at hand. These days, there’s several can openers that are built especially for people who are left-handed. While these models can be rare to find, we’ve collected several of the best options on this page. So, without any further introduction, let’s take a look at these left handed can openers.

# 1 – Lefty’s Left Handed Manual Can Opener with Orange Handle

This quality manual can opener is sold by ‘Left’s The Left-Hand Store’, and it’s fun styling rivals it’s incredible ease of use.

This opener is designed to fit on the left side of your can, so you can then grip it with your right hand, and turn the mechanism with your dominant left hand.

What’s more, it also includes a bottle opener into the design, making it doubly useful to have in your kitchen.

While it’s only received a few reviews on Amazon (left handed items are quite a small niche, after all) each review has deemed this can opener worthy of the full 5 stars.

# 2 – Monopol Left Handed Safety Can Opener

This left handed can opener features a unique twisting mechanism that operates in an anti-clockwise direction, which results in an easier range of motion that’s beneficial to left-handed people.

Additionally, it comes with tongs for removing lids – and this is built directly into the design. This feature is very useful for people who don’t want the extra risk of having to lift the potentially sharp lid by hand.

The German craftsmanship of this can opener is second to none, so it’s an item that’ll last you many years. It feels very sturdy and reliable to use, and it’s unlikely to let you down.

# 3 –Bartelli 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can Opener

Here’s an excellent ambidextrous safety can opener, which is a great option if you have several people in the house who may be either lefties or righties.

It comes with an interesting no-squeeze cutting mechanism which is very easy to latch onto a can, and it also benefits from a high-quality stainless steel blade that remains very sharp for a long time, so you certainly won’t need to stress and strain over cutting the can initially.

In fact, the ease of use offered by this can opener makes it suitable for people with arthritis or hand pain, too. Another neat feature is how the can opener leaves a soft, smooth edge to the can, making it much safer in general, while also giving you a convenient edge for re-sealing.

# 4 – Seiger Left Handed Can Opener

Here’s another great can opener that’s specifically designed for left-handed people, and it’s also very comfortable to use.

The handles are made from a stylish black plastic material that manages to be pretty durable, and the design also allows it to be used as a convenient lid lifter as well.

In terms of user reviews, this can opener scores a decent rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 on Amazon at the time of writing, with most people finding the can opener a good option for a leftie – although there are a few negative reviews that are dated several years ago compared to the more recent reviews.

# 5 – Nogent Classic Mini Left-Handed Tin Can Opener

Our last pick is this interesting-looking left-handed can opener that’s actually made in France, and its simple design makes it easy to use in your left hand without any trouble at all.

It uses a very sharp cutting surface to give you excellent performance, and the tempered steel construction means it’ll last for quite some time. Additionally, the opener is adept at opening a wide range of cans and tins, no matter whether they’re round, oval, square, or more.

There’s a lack of Amazon buyer reviews at the time of writing, but it’s generally a reliable and versatile option that’s a good choice for any leftie who’s looking for a quality can opener that’ll accommodate their needs.

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