Best Rated Wine Coolers

Keeping your wine cool can be a challenge – especially when you’re storing a few dozen bottles. Having a dedicated wine cooler is essential if you’re storing wine, but which one is the best to buy?

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of best rated wine coolers to suit a variety of budgets and requirements. So without any further introduction, let’s take a closer look at these excellent wine coolers.

# 1 – NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This 28 bottle cooler relies on thermoelectric cooling technology that runs quietly and free of vibration, making it an excellent location to store wine.

It uses removable chrome-plated wines which slide in and out of the cooler with ease, while the free-standing design means it can be placed inn a variety of small spaces, so you can always find somewhere in your home to put it.

Finally, it features a digital temperature display which allows you to keep control of the temperature at all times.


# 2 – Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

This 36 bottle cooler uses blue LEDs to illuminate the interior, and as the LEDs don’t produce the heat of a conventional light bulb, they give you light without affecting the internal temperature of the cooler.

The black wire shelving lends a useful and stylish location to place your wine, and the tempered glass door, complete with stainless steel trim, protects your wine from UV damage while still giving you a way to view the wine without opening the door.

For the price, this is one of the most affordable wine coolers around, especially when you consider the 36 bottles it can store.

# 3 – Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

This 12 bottle wine cooler comes with an interesting design feature: it can vertically store up to 4 open bottles.

The ability to store upright bottles is very useful, and it’s something you don’t often see with any wine cooling system.

The thermoelectric method of operation means there’s no vibration to disturb sediment, and the slightly curved glass door gives it a very stylish appearance that looks good on any counter top.

# 4 – Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door With Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

This ultra-stylish wine cooler comes in either 8, 12, 16, or 18 bottle versions – with the 12 bottle option being particularly popular.

Again, this model is complete free of vibration, due to the thermal electric cooling (which also runs very quietly).

The curved smoked glass door comes with black trim, giving it a distinctive look which makes it look more expensive than it really is.

Finally, this cooler has earned excellent reviews on Amazon, with a solid score of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

# 5 – SPT WC-2461H Double-Door-Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler

This cooler by SPT uses ThermoElectric cooling and heating to maintain the internal temperature, can contain 24 standard sized bottles, and uses an LED temperature display to give you the vital information you need.

The bottle sediment will also remain steady, thanks to the vibration-less operation of the ThermoElectric cooling systems.

Noise wise, it runs very quietly, but it’s still slightly audible. It compares to a computer fan, so it’s nothing too loud.

# 6 – Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Here’s another stylish looking wine cooler, this time created by Whynter.

It offers you 20 bottles of storage space, and it comes with a back tinted mirror glass door which covers the black cabinet.

It also comes with a recessed door handle which saves space and enhances the overall look of the door.

Finally, it uses 5 removable shelves which look fantastic – premium quality stainless steel trimmed scalloped chrome shelves which finishes the fantastic style and design of this cooler.

# 7 – HomeImage 8 Bottle Thermal Electric Wine Cooler (HI-8C)

This affordable wine cooler has enough room to store 8 bottles, as well as an easy soft touch sensor temperature control which displays between 11 and 18 degree Celcius.

It also boasts a dual panel glass door with a recessed handle which adds to the overall style of the midnight black outer casing.

What’s more, this is actually quite a lightweight cooler, making it more portable than many of the other options available.

# 8 – NewAir 32 Bottle Dual Zone Quiet AW321ED Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This large wine cooler gives you space for a respectable 32 bottles,and the wooden pull out shelves give you quick an easy access to whichever bottle you require.

Like many others, it relies on thermoelectric cooling technology which means it’s completely vibration free – and it’ll avoid disturbing any sediment in the bottles.

The digital temperature display is clear and easy to read, making this cooler very simple and easy to operate.

# 9 – AKDY 32 Bottle Electric Wine Cooler

This entry is one of the more affordable 32 bottle coolers around.

It features double transparent glass windows, along with internal LED lighting which gives the interior a pleasant illumination – and it uses thermoelectric fans to keep everything cool without causing vibration.

The shelves are all fully removable, and the electronic touch pad is intuitive and easy to use, giving you precision control over your desired temperature.

All in all, this is an excellent wine cooler that provides good value for your money.

# 10 – Culinair AW162S Thermoelectric 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

This 16 bottle cooler relies on thermoelectric fans to keep everything cool, which the elegant glass door means you can easily view your wine bottles without having to open the door.

The adjustable feet come in useful for reducing even the slightest vibration, and the adjustable temperature settings are very easy to control.

The shelves are fully removable, and the motor runs very quietly.

# 11 – Nostalgia Electrics EWC008BLK 8 Bottle Wine Chiller

This compact and affordable wine cooler holds just 8 bottles, making it the ideal choice for a small selection of wine.

It features single zone cooling, and boasts excellent eco-friendly qualities, thanks to the fact that no refrigerant is needed. It comes with blue interior lights which run off a simple on / off switch, and the basic settings are all very easy to manage.

Finally, it receives great reviews from users, scoring a solid 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.


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